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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

pre-interview post

I'm writing this because I'm nervous about my hour long working interview today. I'm pretty sure I can do the job, but the build-up and necessity are dwarfing my confidence. *deep breath* I'm going to walk the 2 miles to get there to get my blood moving and walk out some tension (and eliminate waiting for the bus stress). While Jeans and sneakers are acceptable, hats are required. I can get behind this! I just have to find one that won't be too warm to wear while cooking.

Also, I'm starting to learn systems like Unix, Linux, ect. I have a couple of very knowledgeable teachers and now 5 big books. I just got to chapter 2 of the first book, but I imagine the rest will be easier once I properly digest the first one. What I've learned so far (in layman): computers resemble Russian dolls. Thursday night is now, I think, systems 'class'. Nerd powers engage!

But there's today to think of. I need to shower and eat something hearty.

Side note; I don't enjoy laundry wars with the neighbors. I left a note asking whoever it was to please refrain from touching things (like my laundry) that does not belong to them.


If you need a hand with Linux/unix, give a shout - I'm pretty good at that too. :)