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led astray

January 2013

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try it

must not raise ire

I'm annoyed at a petty facebook picture of a student's smug meritocracy sermon. I have Socialist tendencies. The "work hard and you will succeed" mentality ignores so much of life as actually lived. I know these people are out there. It just bothers me that some of my friends agree with them, because that means they think my poverty is a choice, that I'm lazy, or that I don't want to be financially solvent. Fuck those guys. Meritocracy is a lie perpetuated by people with money to get you to do all the grunt work while they reap the rewards, and if you kiss some really good ass, you might get some cookies. *grumbledygrrrrrr*

In other news, I got lots of compliments on my sign at Occupy Boston. "Mayor Menino, what is more important, the 1st Amendment or the Lawn??" I left it there along with another hat i made. I'm not hard-core enough to go out there in the rain, but I really hope some folks are and they have more than their fair share of my emotional support today.

Anyway, time to make stew.

There will be no stew today, as the meat I asked be taken out of the freezer to thaw was put in the fridge instead of the counter and is still frozen solid. Everywhere I turn there is something pissing me off today. I really want some fucking weed. Or a fucking job. Or any number of other things I don't or can't have. Maybe I need a nap.


You can cold water thaw the meat and still have stew. Make sure it's well sealed, and put it in cold water. Every 30 minutes, change the water.
For it to be ready to eat for dinner I needed to start it around 10am.
I can't help with being annoyed with people on Facebook, as that is a constant in the universe.

On the meat, however - see if you have a broiler pan with an aluminum top piece (as opposed to steel). I have a cheap-ass jobbie I picked up at GeeDub and there's something about aluminum that, if you put frozen meat on top of it (in a plastic bag or not, up to you) something about the conduction properties of aluminum make things thaw 10x faster. I believe it's what those As Seen On TV insta-thawer things are made out of. In any case, my home solution works great. Try it! :D
Well, try it some other time. Also, if you're curious, here's a stew recipe I made a while back and it was capital A Awesome.