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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

random 'what-if'

Ok, so you exchange consciousness with another person. You are in the body of someone else who is now in your body. Say this person has severe PTSD. The wiring in this physical brain is different than the wiring in the brain in your own body. Do you experience the traumatic triggers the same way that the other person would and just not understand why you were suddenly terrified of the sound of someone running the vacuum?

On the other hand, thoughts of this nature indicate a certain level of "ok" going on in my brain.


I think that is what meditation and awareness try to help us with. It doesn't change the wiring and how the signal fires (well, not immediately), but it gives us the awareness to see the signal happening so we can choose better how to react to it. The physiological effects likely still happen (heart beating faster, sweating, tight breathing, chills, etc.) but we get to step back a half step and logically recognize them happening so we can say "I am not my reactions. I am ok. These feelings will pass."

It's definitely a bit surreal when you start noticing your thoughts as separate that way. And sometimes I still choose to give in to the crying or joy or whatever. But the point is that it is a choice, not a blind reaction. (Ideally anyway. I'm still working on it.) :-) *hugs*