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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

good and things

I have a lot to be grateful for. So why am I eternally complaining? Yeah, it's raining out. Yeah, I had help fightin off my too-much-rain panic attack on the way to work, and now i'm trying to keep doing something. Boss is crazy busy, and I'm at an impass until he gets time to go over my work and assign me some new work. I'm having lots of tea today. I thought my Sketchers could hack it in the rain, but my socks got soaked through and I'm sitting barefoot in the office so I don't tempt foot rot. I didn't realize when I was preparing it this morning that half my lunch was bad. :-/ Made lunch, but didn't eat breakfast, and lunch is half trashed. *big sigh* Job is going well and I'm making a decent wage for someone with little to no marketable skill. I have a date Saturday morning for tea. *shrug* It's going to take a Very Fucking Special Boy to overcome my desire for that particular boy, the one that got away (oh, I went there). My standards have gone up, which has positive as well as negative aspects. At least I remembered to pack a knitting project for the commute back home. It's another scarf/hat onesie. I'm working on a blanket for myself too, but I haven't made it travelable just yet. Perhaps this weekend. I can totally do granny squares on the bus. My Wild River Adventure has left a lot of grey area in the Things I Can/Cannot Do spreadsheet in my brain. "I cant" doesn't carry as much water, pun intended. It's cool. I'm sure I can come up with something to say for however long I have to. I still want a work-from-home job, or maybe a work-from-not-as-far job. But at this point, a job is a big step up. I want an excuse to sing for someone. I'd like someone to sing (or other performance) for me. I want some ROMANCE, damnit. *more sighing* Blargh. I might have been wrong. I don't know what else to say here that doesn't get into territory I don't want to wade in at work, even unsupervised. I mis my friends and the sunshine. I desire resources and romance. Nothing too new.