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led astray

January 2013

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game time soon

I didn't learn anything at work yesterday, but I did get a busy-work project that kept me doing stuff all day.

My Early-Bird-Fu is powerful! I grabbed the last Accessories showcase spot on etsy for 9-14!

Finished the blanket, but I didn't pack yet. I don't feel good this morning. I'm betting it was the bacon cheeseburger calzone I ate last night. I figured I'm going to earn every calorie tonight. I really need to beat some folks with plumbing. Maybe I can channel my sexual frustration into some lioness violence and whack it out of me. I'm going to make my packing list on the way to and from work and it should only take 10-15 minutes. Most of the stuff is together, I just need to gather and contain said stuff. I'm nervous. I'm worried about really trivial things, like being embarrassed that my mask is droopy and the likelihoods of constipation. I always get nervous before game. I know the character and the people, I've been to the site before. None of this is new. Why does getting ready to play stress me out so much? I know I'll be away from my security blanket (weed) but I'll have lots of distractions and people to talk to and even solitude if I need it. And it has been happening long since I took up smoking pot again. Right before game I get super anxious. It builds up all day until I'm close to snapping at people (I have done so on occasion). *shrug* That's not on the top of my list of shit to work out, but it is on the list.

*sigh* Guess I should get ready for work. Man, I hope to impress them and get hired on full time. Their idea of a hectic day is 3 people asking for rush orders. They move at city bureaucracy speed, which is a casual saunter. And they have a city "living wage". It's not minimum wage, it's you can reasonably actually live in Cambridge wage, and I dig it. So yeah, I'm on Mission: Impress.


While it's interactive theatre, it's still theatre. A lot of the best roleplayers struggle with performance anxiety before an event.