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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

like a box of chocolates (temp sagas)

I woke up at 6:15 this morning, before my 6:30 alarm. I was tweaking with stress. The last placement I got was uncomfortable and I was going to a brand new place with brand new people. I had no idea what to expect. School district purchasing department. WTF do I know about that? I'll be doing this for two weeks, how much torment (because I rarely think it's going to be just fine [except the time it sucked, that time I went in thinking I was slick as grease, heh]) will be waiting for me here? The trip is early enough that it wasn't crowded, and there's a pleasant, residential walk from the train. I get there and there are stacks of things for me to do, just me and a stack of papers. I think filing is a latent ability my player spent points in ages ago when I was created. I went through the work they had set aside for me, and then they started to get creative. I think the boss is waging a passive-aggressive war on the person I'm temping for. He had me demolish her filing system and set it up his way. I get the impression from the office mates that she will Not Be Pleased. It's their money. I'll file and unfile and refile all day. I don't care. Use me for interoffice squabbles and backstabbing. I don't have to experience the repercussions. I get the sense I'll be redecorating by next week when I've done every "what if" scheme the boss has ever come up with. He told me it could get hectic and that they were crazy back-logged. I think he just has a case of lazy staff, and doesn't like confrontation. That's fine. They make me look amazing! So, yeah. Not so bad.