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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

steps, back-step, steps (crochet talk)

I went to check the mirror-image maintenance and discovered that I was off by one stitch in several rows. I thought it might have been a counting problem and I got upset because I was doing SO WELL following the chart I made and was all proud of myself. Not wanting to work angry, I set it down for the rest of the day. I picked it up this morning to find the beginning of the error. Then I found it. I had missed the last square several rows back, so it subtracted 1 stitch from every row. My keeping with the chart was accurate, sort of, I just didn't follow through, which makes perfect character sense. I ripped out the 4.5 rows, so about an hour and a half of work. Not bad. These are the blessings of bulky yarn. It looked like so much progress lost, but then it wasn't so bad. It is emotionally strenuous to frog, so I'm going to watch an episode of X-Files before I pick it back up and keep going.

I spent yesterday morning on the porch. I set up my laptop for music, had a table, yarn basket, chair, I was all set. I sat there in the relative quiet (the wind was rustling the leaves pretty loudly, over the music at times) and worked until the sun invaded my shady nook.