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led astray

January 2013

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the week ends, the week begins

It was a good weekend. Friday night I went to hang out and eat diner with angel_heart, ww79, Scarn, Canada, and Zymm. It was mellow and low key. Very soothing, quality, hang out time.

Saturday I went to a party on Cape Cod. It was Rawlin's (I can't talk to you, you're covered in puke) family's Summer house, down the block from a natural PERFECT lake. Had my first swim in years. There was a lot of drinking and a bonfire and meat and fun new people. The person I half expected to make passes at me mostly ignored me (and that's ok), but someone I didn't expect was persistently (though not forcefully) making passes and testing my boundaries. It was annoying, especially having to set the same limits over and over. I'm not angry with him, but I did suspend his snuggle privileges and called him Handsy McHandsington. I don't think it will be a problem again. The sad part is that I was kind of flattered with the amorous attention. :-/ Anyway that was a good time.

Yesterday was mellow. Got up early (with astonishing lack of hangovers) with some of the remaining party folks and went to IHOP (has gone downhill since I used to frequent it. All the pancakes are now the same batter with different toppings. Nothing International about them anymore). Then came home and vegged with Hoyce and K8ie, took a nap, then vegged some more.

This morning I got a phone call for an interview tomorrow and I anticipate some company later.

Angel_heart picked up yarn to start her blanket. I'm excited to start working on it!