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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

Get up, craft, go to bed, repeat. I'm back in the 'I can make money off this' mind frame. If I believe it hard enough, it will come to pass. If I work hard enough, I can't help but succeed. My work is good and I'm learning how to make it better all the time. My $100 in free google ads didn't help my sales, but I did get an average of 1 click per day. I'll try it again as Autumn approaches. Tomorrow I need to check in with the temp agency, even though it feels like a dead end.

K8e is coming over today. I believe the plan is to watch horror movies and be crafty. I did some cleaning yesterday. There's always more to do, but I feel like I accomplished something. I only missed a couple things at the grocery store due to lack of space in my basket and the person to space ratio being too heavy at noon on Saturday. Then I stopped at the liquor store to get a cheap bottle of wine and an 8 year old rang me up. That was a little nerve wracking. I just smiled a lot. I probably looked like I was enjoying myself, employing the art of the deceptive grimace.