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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

the morning after


I had been having some self-destructive desires recently, but I think I got it out of my system...at 3am when my body made a stand against beer and pizza. It was a loooooong and wacky day. Clerical testing for yet another temp agency, visit from and long talk with Merritt about why he doesn't want to get involved with dating someone and a request to teach him how to knit. Then I had some beers until I got one of those poorly (or perfectly) timed random texts from the back-door man. *sigh* Then at 10 I remembered to eat dinner when K8ie came over to surprise me with a weed donation and thankfully scared off the boy, who had worn out his welcome anyway. We got high and watched Iron Jawed Angels. Then Hoyce came home with a couple slices of pizza left over from his Star Wars game. I snatched them right up and ate them. Went to bed a little after midnight. I started getting what I think was a migraine, which kept me from sleeping. I was also getting cold sweats and shaking a bit until around 3. I got up to take something for my head and body decided that was a good time to void the poor transaction, from both ends at the same time. Cleaning beer and pizza puke from the sink is not fun. After that the copious sweating stopped, I held down a cocktail of excedrin and aleve and eventually fell asleep. Tink let me sleep until 8:30. Now? Water! I didn't intend to have a day and night of excess and punishment, but there it was. True, these are not some of my best coping strategies, but they were a heck of a lot better than what I was thinking about. And the Purge was plenty enough discomfort to count as the damage I wanted to do to myself, so I'm all set with that now. I don't know if it was the migraine or the beer and pizza. Maybe it was both. *shudder*

Sistahraven is going to come over and help me with my room cleaning process. I've slowly gotten better about maintaining some kind of order, but I still get overwhelmed by my own chaos and need someone to hold my hand through what is for some reason a very emotionally taxing activity. Then angel_heart is going to pick out yarn and pattern fora quilt! I know I should ask for money, but I kinda want a craft trade for a pair of the awesome froofy pants the ladies wore in Iron Jawed Angels...