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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

rainy day

I got up early and showered and dressed and was just about to walk out the door to get some groceries when the sky rumbled and it started to rain. It's not raining hard. I might just go anyway. The goo is starting to ease up. Oh, now it's raining hard. That lightning/thunder was awfully close. Poor Tink. She'll be under Uncle Hoyce's bed all day.

I don't have any explanations, because they feel like excuses. I'm used to being the mom to people who don't do all the things they should to take care of themselves, and I give them the "hey, go do the thing with the stuff, Now, because I know you haven't done it". But that's no reason to assume everyone is prone to forgetting shit like that. So basically, I treated my friend like an errant child, and naturally, she's pissed. I have apologized. Guess the only thing left is to wait and see if I can be forgiven.

Things are otherwise status quo. I used up the $100 in Google ads they sent me. Haven't seen Marc since Canada. Crocheting a giant granny square shawl. Watching B5 on Netflix. I'm a little guilty about putting small video stores out of business, but damn, Netflix is convenient and awesome!