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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


Thursday we drove up to Montreal. Thursday evening, I got The Crazy. I was in another country with no possibility of retreat for several days, and totally dependent on Marc for basically everything. I skipped the show. Friday and Saturday kinda blended together. Lots of walking, lots of dancing. On Saturday I had the keen joy of sunburn and diarrhea to dance with, but it wound up being my best night. There was an industrial band in particular that got me revved up, Terrorfakt. The stage was littered with industrial litter, old signs, fences, power tools, and thing to bang on them with. So in addition to the "band" (4 guys on laptops) there were 7-8 people on stage just making literal industrial noise. This included several metal-on-metal power tool sparkler shows. Did I mention that I was up against the stage? The hot metal sparks looked awesome (though I kept my head down for most of it to protect my non-goggles-wearing eyes), but as previously stated, I had a sunburn. That sucked. Unfortunately, not all of the people on stage were musicians and some of them couldn't keep a beat, but were making lots of loud noise anyway. I felt wronged, so I grabbed the two beer bottles that were on the stage in front of me and started beating the rhythm correctly on the stage in front of me. That was hella fun. I retired early every night, as my poor feet were very sore. Sunday I accidentally got in a mosh pit, but then later I got in on purpose. This was when I realized I might be getting too old for the pit. My gloves failed to stay up, but the mask was perfect and well received. Yesterday I got a case of the sads. Between being exhausted, out of reach of my cave, sober, dependent on someone else, and talking about my job hunt, I did not want to go out fugging dancing. But I skipped Thursday night and Marc paid a lot of money for the tickets and was clearly bummed that I was bummed. I decided to get some Poutine (french fries with cheese curds and gravy) and some alcohol and try to make the best of the night. I was ok for a bit. Then the band wasn't what I was expecting and someone pushed me and The Rage grew and grew. I spent an hour with my arms crossed, daydreaming about inflicting violence on the girl who pushed me (she stopped right in front of me and continued to bump into me while she danced). I decided it was time for me to remove myself from the packed, loud, pushy place because I don't like feeling violent and I didn't want to ruin Marc's time by being a little ball of spikes and teeth. Oh, almost forgot. Earlier in the day we went to the Modern Art Museum. I got scolded for standing inside an exhibit. Let me describe this piece of art. It was like 2 giant mosquito nets were hung from the ceiling next to each other. The rings were hung with 2 layers of silk organza, cream on the inside and black on the outside, that hung in near perfect cylinders. The rings were spinning at a moderate pace and both had an opening the size of a door that slowly rotated with the rest of the fabric. The artist clearly meant for the piece to be viewed from outside AND inside. I was annoyed. Then the guy followed me around. That added to my annoyance. So anyway, i fell into The Pit of Despair and pulled Marc in with me. We had a bit of a fight, but I think we're cool now. Oh, and now I'm getting sick. Marc got sick Thursday afternoon. Now I get in it time for Alliance. *grumble* I have to read the new rules and find a ride. On the bright side, Tink was a Very Good Girl while I was away, so there were no incidents to clean up when I got in this evening. Over all I had a good time. It could have been better, but it could have been way worse. I'm glad to be back in my cave with my special needs kitty, some weed, and my laptop. Tomorrow I'm getting a crochet lesson from sistahraven, and this weekend I'll be going back home to my Alliance family. Good things to quiet the crankypants.


<~ Ride. I thought we'd already arranged that, so am duly reminding you. We can talk details tomorrow when I come over for S&B :)
*shakes head* I suffer from CRS. We talked about that and cabin too, huh?
I know we talked ride. I can check with the team about the cabin. We usually have space.