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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

the sads, i gets them

Face is here. Wig comes tomorrow. Sadly, I may have to wait a few weeks to wear them. But the smaller mask is way more manageable. It doesn't look as convincing as the bigger mask, but it gets the job done with less headache. I have so many projects and i don't feel like working on any of them today. Last night I was about to go have a date with Marc when I had a severe downspike. I got stuck in bed. I really believe I would enjoy the release of crying more if it didn't instantly close my nasal passages. It's very distracting from my sorrows to have to stop and blow my nose (which fails because the passages are closed). Ugh. Marc came over and sat with me in the dark. He listened and there are things in motion in his head, but I have no idea what they are. 'Hard to read' doesn't begin to explain his mannerisms. Just like the rest of my friends, I have to trust that he'll tell me if something is bothering him. The failure of the fairs is settling in and I don't want to do it again. Or I need to work on it. Giving up is so much easier, and it's what I usually do. But I have a support network encouraging me to keep trying, change venues, work on my display, make more Jayne hats. They always sell.

In better news, I just discovered that Babylon 5 is in Netflix Instant. I know what I'll be watching this week.


Giving up is the only sure way not to accomplish what you want. Keep trying, keep putting yourself out there, and find your niche.
This. (((hug)))