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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

life on the surface

I try not to think about things too deeply for fear of ruminating.  I live on the surface of life as much as possible, but my roots are deep and reach into the dark and cold places.

Turns out I'm not as ready as I thought I was for getting in shape.  I have baked-on Slack that I"m trying to wash off and I need to change tools and scrub harder.

The following exchange happened around 8am.
me: (knockknock) Timetogetup!
Hoyce: Yeah, I'm up.
me: Upup, timetogetup!
Hoyce: You've ben caffeinated.
me: Whaddyamean?
Hoyce: Lucky guess.
lol  The funnier part to me is that I had already been up for an hour. <3 morning sun!!  New face and wig for Tamsen should arrive this week.  Thanks so very much to Hoyce.  (((hug)))  I'm working on her armor (Must have 2 pts per section!) and it's slow but steady.  It definitely looks like the work of someone with only 1 point in Blacksmithing.  lol  She's about 9 years old and impetuous, so yes, the studs are sloppy.  I want to make her a mix, but I don't know her that well.  So far it has 2 songs, the peppy Katzenjammer song I posted and AC/DC's Hells Bells.  There's also Violence Fetish by Disturbed, so 3 songs.  I broke my leather needle sewing huge washers to some suede to use as the core for some bracers. I also need to get a good pair of shears.  I also also need to go thrifting to get a few changes of clothes that look at least vaguely in period (that I don't mind getting larp on).


Get yourself over to Urban Renewals. No, seriously. DO IT! I found a bunch of stuff for the steampunk weekend, and even more that was too small for me but would fit you. Leather vests/coats and peasant blouses abound. I'm sure you'll find something useful and cheap. Just watch out for the mothball smell. :-/ The leather will need to air out for a while and/or get a heavy dose of Febreeze.
I went. I got a couple things just for the leather to alter into something i'll actually wear. Now to get shears and another couple leather needles. :-)