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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

thoughts on characters

I discovered a new way to play towards the end of Issalura's life; team play.  The last couple years were a lot easier than the first 6-7 because she had people she trusted and would work together and have even a marginal collective bargaining ability.  I want to larp on a team.  The hands-down best way to ensure a place on a team is to create a healer.  This comes into conflict with my desire to play a kick-ass and forget names tough kitty.  Part of me wants to swing Big Damage and get Big Treasure with the Big Boys and earn their respect.  Know what teams don't need?  Another fighter.  So my urge to be seen as tough is in conflict with my desire for attention, approval, and community.  What do I want to get out of the game, and how does each character get me there?  Doom Kitty or Dryad of Helpful Healings?  To be honest, Tamsen was created to adventure with the Zoo (a group of secondary scavengers played by some friends who are unofficially disbanded due to lack of coordination and desire).  And she was made for cold weather (rubber mask and black wig suck a bit in the Summer).  I'm a little unclear about the particular differences between the kinds of dryad which are divided into plant types, but you're not supposed to pick a singular plant to be kin to (like scavengers have one animal they're kin to).  Wha?  But I hear that there's a gourd dryad in Caldaria, which is exactly what the race packet says not to do.  I guess it has to do with theme?  Maybe I'm missing something.  


Some teams are *definitely* still looking for thumpers. Some lowbie-midbie teams are still in need of healers (like Conall's team).

Dryads are so new that there is a lot of variant in how they're played. A lot of chapters are still adjusting, as most chapters have the national packet, but no chapter-based packet to base new characters off of.
I think I'm set. I had a clever flash today for a character and I've started designing her in my head. :-) I'll shelf Tamsen for now and come in with a 15 build healer. Someone keep me alive for a few events! Will repay with Life Spells in later levels! lol
The Hunt could always just completely monopolize the healers...

We've already got six, but really, you can never have too many! We're also one of those teams who needs thumpers. Specialists, we've got!