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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

attention, i wants it

I do a lot of things for praise.  Praise and attention make me feel worthwhile.  This cannot be the only reason I have to do anything.  I have to praise myself and feel that things are worthwhile to do even if no one knows I did them.  

Maybe I'll knit on the porch today and just listen to the thunderstorms.

My stomach has been bothering me a bit.  I think it's nerves.  The diet is doing well and I seem to be doing well on it.  I'm losing fat and gaining muscle.  It does get hard. I dreamed about eating popcorn last night.  

My heart goes out to Scott.  I haven't heard anything more.  Boo is recovering.  Yay!


Yesterday from Kelsey's FB:
Kelsey Jane: For anyone who didn't see, the latest from Scott Auden's sister says: "Scott"s update! He is currently quoting Shakespeare. I have nothing wrong with me and I can't do that. Had small amount of lunch and doing really well"
Awesome! Thanks!
Scott's soon to start the rehab part of the whole thing, which is good - but means they're starting the "short term disability pays how little?!?" phase of things.

Learning self-satisfaction can be monumentally fucking hard, but I have to say, it's one of my all-time favorite skills ever now that I have learned a bit of it!