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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

pollen or cat

Today's big chore is to wash and dry the rest of the knits for the show this Saturday (OMG).  I might be able to bang out another hat or two while that's going down.  It's a mild, sunny, breezy day, perfect for drying knits on the porch.  Hrm.  I wonder if that's a bad idea, as there are lots of fertile trees in the neighborhood.  Well, it's pollen or cat.  I'll err on the side of pollen.  My right hand is tired and getting sore.  Today is the deadline for new items.  Tomorrow is price and tag day.  Oooooh, nerves.  It's going to be fine.  Mark and Hoyce and Katie will be there with me, and it's only 4 hours.  And that's as far as I'm letting myself think.

My friend fell down the stairs (just some bruises and raspberries) and it reminded me of The Big Stair Fall of 1994.  Our upstairs was a converted attic.  The house was not level and had lots of shoddy construction.  The first (or second) carpeted stair was about 3/4 inch shorter than the rest.  I had little sis in my arms and went juuuust too fast.  My maternal instincts made an appearance and I managed to cradle most of her with my body.  Most of her.  Her leg hit the wall and broke.  Majorfuckingfail.  I got a palm sized raspberry, but my baby sister got a broken leg.  Ever seen a baby try to crawl in a cast?  It's heartbreaking.  That was a guilt 1/2lb burger on Texas Toast right there.  *shiver*  

Aaaaaanyway.  I should go make with the crafting.


Will be sending you good show-vibes on Saturday!

And man, fuck stairs. Stair falls are the suck.
I tripped over a single step and smashed my little brother's head into the edge of a cabinet, bursting his lip open and causing basically his whole face to swell up like a baloon. It was especially bad since I wasn't supposed to be carrying the kid at all (he was huge, I was 6 years old).

At the time his pediatrician told us that infants' faces are designed to be a good bumpers, probably for this very reason, and they heal fast. Good thing too, since I know he got dropped at least twice more, before becoming mobile enough he started crawling off the edge of stairways himself and trying to squeeze out of second-story windows. Children: pretty darn fault tolerant.

But yeah, stairs are vicious.