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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

 So much to do.  I have to remember that not every piece has to be a masterpiece, and in fact the simple items may sell better than the fancy ones.  Lots of kerchiefs and bookmarks.  I have some bookmarks out for test runs to make sure they're worthwhile before I make a ton.  The kerchiefs are fan modules like the shawls, just with 3 and a half modules instead of 30.  I'll take pics when the sun comes back out.  I'm pretty happy with them.  The show is April 26th from 12-4.  It's not huge or long, but I'm excited and nervous and knitting like mad.  Tink is jealous, but I make sure to give her some petting time every day.

The time has come for me to get back into the world.  Hoyce has been generous and gone above and beyond the call of friendship the last 8 months.  I must make rent.  I need to sell things, lots of things, and make lots more and sell those too.  I do not like being part of the unskilled workforce/service industries.  I have a skill, damnit.  I ought to get paid for it.  But if I put in 40+ hours a week working on this business, something HAS TO happen...right?


You can do it!

If you put a lot of effort into it, some level of progress will follow. It might be slow progress (as so many business-like things seem to take forever to take off), but keep at it.
(((((big hugs))))) Thanks. Friendly encouragement helps me a LOT!