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led astray

January 2013

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Maybe I'm wrong.

I got in my groove today and finished a hat, did a ton of dishes and started on another hat.  But then the landlord called and said the plumber would be here "after 4."  Like, how much after 4?  So around 4 I start getting anxious because now I'm waiting for someone I don't particularly care for and I don't want to start anything because this guy always talks my ears off half the time he's here.  He likes to tell me things like how the shower works, tales of previous tenants plumbing, and not too run the water faster than it can drain.  So I'm trying to normalize with watching a DVD, even though I'm home alone with this guy I don't like (and who thinks I'm an idiot [I think]) and Landlord and her bf are coming over to work on the light switch in the living room.  When?  No idea.  So I'm waiting for another uncomfortable thing while this uncomfortable thing is going on.  I don't feel threatened or in any danger, I just have come to value my Cave and don't like having strangers in it when I'm trying to be domestic.  So I'm shaken, I"m waiting, and I'm uncomfortable, and now I"m guilty because I haven't done anything but try to watch my DVD for the last hour while this dude was doing I don't know what to all the fixtures in the bathroom (even though the only problem was the sink) and then telling me about years of buildup in drains.  So now he's gone and I'm waiting for the landlord to get here.  I don't want to start anything because I know I'm going to have to interact with people and be in constant distraction, so now I have even more time I feel I'm wasting with waiting.  And I feel like my whole day has been fucked, even though it hasn't.  This is shit that needs to get done.  These are nice people.