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led astray

January 2013

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do what?

a funny story

This has been my favorite MBTA interaction to date. It was a few years ago.

I was on my way home from rehearsal. It was after 10pm. There had been a major sporting event, probably baseball, and there were hundreds of drunk people swarming the streets. The only seat available, and I damn sure wanted to sit down, was in the back, sandwiched between 2 groups of sports fans. The atmosphere was jovial, as the groups exchanged pleasantries. I think the Red Sox had won. One group was 2 off the boat Irish guys. The other was a gaggle of 5 BU students. There were several times both groups had to repeat or clarify due to the levels of inebriation. They heckled lightly back and forth. Then one of the Irish guy opens up his over shirt, posing like a super hero. The shirt underneath is red, and says, "The People's Republic of Cork" in bold white letters. Cork's friend looks terrified and tries to get the shirt hidden. It's difficult to read something that is being physically hidden in places. The following exchange occurred in the next 15 seconds.

BUGroup: People's Republic of Pork? Pork is cool. I like pork. Right on!

Cork: Did you fuckers just say 'pork'??

BUGroup: Did you just call me a fucker??

To my great surprise, the exchange did not lead to blows. Calmer Irish guy, after falling on his face in the aisle, got his friends off the bus in front of The Green Briar. I suspect that the BU students had no idea why they had been called fuckers because they didn't know The People's Republic of Cork, just like me. I had to ask Scarn when I got home.

The lesson for today: read the whole shirt!



Ah, County Cork. It's one of the places I'd love to visit in Eire.