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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


I'm ready to go to my interview. It isn't for another hour. Brain is all over the place and I'm sober, so I thought I'd distract myself here. Not that I need an excuse, but I like to have one anyway. I have on the plaid skirt and little black sweater, knee socks and a shawl. And the sun is coming out. That's lovely.

This morning Tink shat on the floor, pissed on my clothes, and shat on the bed while I was sleeping in it. We are not amused, and my patience is running thin.

I need organization help for my desk and stuff. I need to throw some things away. I'm gaining another batch of clothes worn until they have holes in random places. I also need to make a chart or something to show my progress. Must create a system. I suck at being alone. I must get better. I will learn another way. I can knit and work and learn Mandarin. Who needs love when there's Law & Order, right? The dating myself thing worked for a while. Perhaps I'll pick that back up. Can I learn to stop thinking with my heart? Do my actions line up with my goals? What are my goals?

20 minutes yet before I can leave to get there early. Need to do more paperwork and phone calls, but not before this interview. I have a good feeling about it.

Oh! I know! I have a pom-pom to make.