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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

stupid should hurt

So I was talking with this person about gender roles and finding his views leaned more left than my own. And the horror of what came out of his mouth took a while to sink in. He thinks that women should always fear walking alone in the dark because males are always just barely containing the raging testosterone that keeps them from rapine and plunder. Now, I don't think that's true as a blanket statement. I give guys more credit than that. But he thinks that way, clearly. This unnerved me for a while. But then today I smiled because I read on Facebook that my teenage female cousins told their mother they weren't dangerous enough, they want to learn to shoot longbow and throw knives. I encourage them with all my heart. I know this is not the healthiest outlook, but I take sides here.


My uncle's been saying stuff like that too. The problem is not enough guys stand up and say, "dude, that's not okay! No, we aren't all like that, and if you are you need to get help right now."

When they say "all men are..." i hear "i am..." it still scares me, but it doesn't make me despair for the human race. i think about 10-20% of men i've met would go into that category, which is much better than 100% and much worse than 0%.

Of course, they also won't listen to any woman ever, because women just don't understand. So there is literally jack we can do.
Yeah. I don't understand a person without empathy or compassion.