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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

good weekend

I had a good weekend. There was a great convergence at our apartment again. People I hadn't seen in a long time came up to visit and there were new folks to meet. Dyz took me out and bought me gifts (club gear). Saturday night we went to 80's club night and sylvanstargazer met us there and we danced. I ran into annabelle at the club! Yay! I busted my ass in my new boots, hitting floor several times. I'm undamaged, and have a better idea how to make the 6 inch platforms do what I want now. We got in around 2am. I couldn't sleep. Tried to nap, couldn't sleep. Well Dyz and I had tickets to see Covenant Sunday night. We arrived late, but caught a good couple hours of show. I danced for a long time Saturday night, but Sunday night I danced hard and wildly for a shorter time. I am well sore, but in a healthy, body needs more movement way. Sunday for 1 song I was completely free. I don't know what the song was called, or what build-up had to happen, but I reached the edge of the bounds that keep my care for what I present to other people and was able to dally outside of that concern. And it felt good. Got home around 11:30. Still couldn't sleep. Got up and took an Epsom salt bath and spent the day playing Dragon Age and being still. Hoping sleep returns tonight.