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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

tired stuff

I worked at the tea shop this weekend because the boss needed someone to fill in and i don't mind it once in a while. She says that the time I voulenteered over the winter break I will have full time hours. That both rocks and sucks. And while I was away I got a raise. Sweet! So i'm tired today because I have fallen out of shape. Which brings me to my next point. E and I joined the Y on friday and went swimming. I didn't realise quite how out of shape I was/am untill about 5 or 6 laps later when I decided that for my own saftey, I had to stop, for my body would carry me no further. And E is going to teach me how to do proper laps. And they have yoga classes. In fact, E, sylvanstargazer and I are going to attend a yoga class and then go swimming tonight.

We have a list of food items we want for Thanksgiving. Soon will be the shopping trip. Thanksgiving with no icky families. It warms my heart and makes me thankful that i'm old enough and stable enough to host and only invite people we like. (Those of you not invited were assumed to be going to fulfill familial obligations. We hope you have a pleasant time and don't think we don't like you.)