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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

getting ready for NERO

This is a journal entry for my acting class about

When I get to site (where we play NERO), I am usually tired and in a bad mood.  But my character is generally friendly and upbeat.  Delusionally so.  But Magdalen gets there and doesn’t feel like playing.  Just want to be home in my own bed, eat something warm, relax, go to sleep.  But there are people to save and undead to kill and shadows to hide from.  And I have paid money to do it.  So I begin to change my clothes.  First, my shoes.  I cannot wear sneakers or modern boots like the ones I usually wear, so they come off.  Then my pants.  No jeans.  I have drawstring pants for my character because they didn’t have zipper technology back then.  It is usually chilly when I get there, so Issy’s pants have to replace Magdalen’s quickly.  So I dig in my tub and pull out a simple pair of pants.  I put them on quickly to keep the chill at bay.  They are quite comfortable.  Loose-fitting without being baggy in the wrong places.  That’s a little better.  Simple pants for a simple girl.  As soon as the pants are on, the boots follow.  They are tall, black leather, with a fold-down lip that comes just over my knees.  Perfect for running through tall grasses and brush to get away from goblins.  And Issy almost always runs.  And they are light-weight and soft, so I can hide once I run out of sight.  Yeah, quick and quiet when the scary things are out.  Next, my shirt and bra.  Don’t need the bra.  Issy wears a double-thickness suede bodice most of the time.  Support and a bit of protection from the nasties that want to gut me.  But underneath, a simple shirt, maybe one with a small ruffle.  If it’s warm enough, a low cut shirt.  Everyone likes to see a little Mystic Wood Elf skin.  And her people are comfortable with their bodies.  Who understands these human prudes?  How silly to be so covered when it’s hot out!  I wait on the bodice though, savoring my last few free breaths for a while.  Horns next.  All Mystic Wood Elves (or MWEs) have horns and ears that are pointed like elves.  Legend has it that they are actually descended from satyr/elven mating.  My horns are on a clear string that I hide in my hair.  They are pierced in a couple of places because of some painful places in her past.  (Their horns are erogenous zones, so she sometimes gets strange looks and questions about why in the world she would do such a thing.)  By the time my horns are on, I start making dirty jokes with the cabin, just as I imagine Issy would, having spent 12 years as a sailor.  Then I put on my ears, digging for a spell packet to hold them until the spirit gum dries.  That reminds me that I have to get Issy’s packets out.  They are on her belt.  But first, make-up.  Issy is a bit prettier than I am, so I put on makeup to highlight features I imagine would already stand out on her.  Then it’s time for the bodice.  I take a deep breath, ready now for short breath and the rapid heartbeat of fear in dark places.  The excitement is steadily growing.  The laces don’t take long to do, and I don’t need help.  If it’s cold, this is when I put on my long sweater.  The last important item is ready to be donned.  It is what no adventurer should be without, the mideval utility belt.  It has pouches and holders for potions and a sheath for my sword.  I hate to carry a sword.  Killing things is awful, but I need it to defend myself.  I’m almost ready to face the terrors that await me in the dark night.  But my friends need my help.  And the poor peasants who don’t know how to defend themselves need to be protected.  They need my help.  I hope I can help.  I’ll just put on this cap ( I had to cut holes in it for my horns.  You just can’t find MWE friendly merchants this far South.) to keep my hair out of my eyes, and these gloves will help keep the thorns off and I can keep a healing potion in them in case someone gets hurt and I can reach them in time.  Speaking of time, I need to speak to Sorceror Morgan about getting a Ward spell…




It's been so long, and reading your livejournal made me realize just how much I miss you. I love Amherst, it's absolutely amazing here. So peaceful. I'm so happy to hear you're doing well with the acting. It fits you so. Lots of love, and send my dearest hellos to your sweetie. Wish I still went to school with you. Cheerio!


Re: Magdalen

I think I still have your email, if it's the same. Hope you're having fun out there. (((hugs)))