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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

progress report

I'm still motivated! 8-D I finished 2 more hats yesterday and started another today. It feels so good to do something constructive! I'm dedicating 6-10 hours every weekday to making hats. I have hundreds of hours of DVD watching I can catch up on at the same time. Then I just have to get motivated to sell them. But one step at a time. Step 1: create product.

Joseph Campbell lectures seem to ease my heart. There are lots of them on Netflix. I highly recommend them to anyone with interest in mythology and spirituality. It's not fluffy bunny spirituality (you have to ignore the hosts of some of the programs dumbing it down and cheezing it up [I'm talking to you, Susan Sarandon!]). It's perfectly safe for kids to watch. Most kids, I think, would find it dull and esoteric. I was one of the other kids who loved watching hours of History Channel specials on Bible studies. It's just this old guy talking for hours at a time, but really engaging. He reminds me a lot of one of my favorite professors, who reminds me of my grandfather, who was my favorite person in the world in my single digits. It's comforting to listen to some old white guy with wealth not be obtuse about the world.