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led astray

January 2013

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ch ch ch ch changes

Yesterday was also ok, but more of a highs and lows average than constant.  I wore heels.  I wanted the attention.  I got a little.  Not enough to cover the discomfort again for a while though.  Some plans fell through, but others didn't.  I took a break and went outside to read the second book of Walking Dead that Hoyce lent me.  Q lent me The Sun Also Rises.  I have never read Hemingway and I do enjoy sitting on the porch.  I decided to take the customary walk from Harvard with Q.  I think of it as desensitivity training, so when we eventually wind up having to interact for a long time and in a group (DnD after Star Wars, for example), it won't be quite as awkward because we will have built up a friendly rapport.  And it's a looong walk with lots of hills.  The terrain is excellent for post-walk purge through exercise.  But the train we got on stoppen in the tunnel for a few minutes, then went out of service at Park street.  Everyone and their aunties were out and needed to go places.  We traded ipods and fidgeted with bobby pins for a good 15-20 minutes, dripping sweat and packed tight as a U-Haul trailer with dozens of hot, unhappy, inconvenienced strangers.  The walk went pretty ok.  It's getting easier.  When we parted ways I had OMGBIGDRAMA most of the rest of the way, but between the pain in my feet, the exercise, and the present waiting for me on the stairs when I got home, I soon forgot wtf I was so upset about anyway.  I was honest and open and we mostly just had casual conversation about stuff that's interesting.  Like friends do.  Sylvan and I knit and watched Avatar: The Last Air Bender.  It was a nice, relaxing end to a slightly stressful day.