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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

fairy tales

 Yesterday was good, too.  The weather was perfect.  I confronted over-friendly neighbor on boundaries I neglected to set sooner.  That went better than I hoped, as he had been wanting to talk to me about the very same thing.  He thanked me for my uprightness.  We hugged and he went back downstairs.  I got a text asking if he could come back up and bring some stew home for him to eat later.  Well of course!  The crock is Huge and it's just me and Hoyce here for the Summer (and as good as they may be, I can really only do leftovers once or twice before I'm sick of them).  He came back up and thanked me again, which I tried to pass off with something about how it makes me happy to cook for people.  "What would you want someone to do for you?" he asked.  My first inclination in situations like this is truth, so I searched for the answer.  After a while I replied, "I want someone to give me lots of money...that I don't have to do anything for."  (I heard myself say it and was at first sickened at my shallowness.  But then I thought about it and figured out  that it was because all the kind things people can do for other people are things people already do for me!)  We discussed how much "lots" would be, so I talked about buying the house we live in or the alpaca farm, that much is lots of money.  Then his face waxed Cheshire and he said, "The universe has ways of bringing us what we want."  With that, he went back downstairs.  A mysterious benefactor won over by stew and truth?  Sounds like a fairy tale to me!  hehehe  

I read more DBT.  I came to a section that I clearly need work on because I looked at the homework sheet and my stomach did back flips thinking about some of the things they want me to do.  Go get change for $1 without buying anything??  lol  I see how ridiculous it seems to think that would be a daunting task, but it's in the book for a reason.  I try to never call when ordering food.  Woo, tangent!  I went out to the yard and did some weeding and moved some moss clumps to the foreground of my section.  I love moss.  *shrug*  I was having a lot of trouble getting into a good position on the ground.  Things are growing wild and I don't want to squish anything, so I cleared off some dead vines from the fence while I thought about it.  I'm going to start at the path and work in to the garden.  My patch is in the back so I was working from the back, but any amount of time I spend down there will have to be cleared of weeds and overgrowth first.

Anyway, time to get ready for work.


I'm glad you had such a good day, even if there were pockets of work amongst it! :) Sounds like good work.
(((hugs))) Thank you.