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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

fun with denial

I'm still in denial.  I still have hope that Q will come back.  I blame the heat for my lethargy, but I know that's not all of the truth.  So this is situational depression.  I can see the end of this tunnel.  I know this will stop.  That's new and different.  This feeling is just as intense, but it has an expiration date.  It has a silver lining.  I can totally take this on.

I have to keep thinking about other things.  I'm ruminating, and that's just a waste of mental energy.  Work with me, brain!  

I need some sticks for my tomatoes.  I didn't get them in yesterday, but I'm going to plan for it this evening.  Get through work is priority 1.  I feel ok about work right now.  I think, managerially, they would let me know if I did not get the job on Friday, giving me the weekend to either calm down or decide to quit (I'll be calming down until I get another job).  Keep fingers crossed for me.

I'm a dork.  I was nearly finished with a shirt and I got so caught up in my spinning that I cast on the temporarily unused circs for the shirt.  But I didn't have enough spun to finish the project I started and I don't want to change needles so close to the end.  LOL  So I'm spinning more to finish the hat I'm making so I can free up the addis and finish the shirt.  Side note: condensation is your friend when spinning.  Drop your spindle?  Fluff up the ends that split, rub then together a bit, rub them on the condensation of your beverage, then rub them together some more.  Rejoin success!


Fingers are crossed. :)
Thanks. :-)
Thank you!