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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

waxing temperate

I'm off the post-break up roller-coaster, for the most part.  I'm still navy blue, but I'm back to fully functional.  

Yesterday was nice.  I scrubbed the hell out of the bathtub for an hour and a half, then Hoyce and I went to friends' place for dinner and movie.  We watched Fido (Shawn of the Dead meets Pleasantville), then they watched me play Heavy Rain and they have a tally on which trials I pass.  Teehee.  It was really nice to get out of the house after scrubbing my frustrations out on the tub.

Today I played Little Big Planet for way too long, trying to teach myself a lesson.  It came to nothing.  Then I hand washed the bathroom floor with bleach solution, made pork tenderloin, shells with homemade cheese sauce, and cherry-pear pie.  And I spun some.  We had the downstairs neighbor up for dinner and introduced him to Firefly.  We may have a convert.

The spinning I'm doing now is single ply.  I'm trying a much more labor intensive method to make sure I don't over twist.  I set the fist batch in water and it's drying in heaps on a dish towel.  Tomorrow I'll ball it up.  It's light worsted, not entirely even, but not as drastic as a thick 'n thin.  No idea how much is there.  No idea where my measuring tape is.  :-P  But it's a gorgeous self-striping purple, aqua, grey, and cream with some sparkle that I don't know what to make with.  I think the first round has about 2/3 of a hat and there is waaaaaaay more fiber!  Matching hat and scarf?  :-D

Tomorrow, angel_heart and I are meeting for beers in the fairy bar, then she's going to help me with my loans, which I'm about to default on because my shit is all apart.  Hooray for help!


You've given me tub-scrubbing envy. :)

Wooot on good food, Firefly converts, spinning, and help! :)