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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

guess I had to pay back for all the good weekends lately

I love my new glasses.  My last pair being the first pair, I didn't know what to expect.  Seems my right eye got worse, but the left one didn't.  And I saw some neat 3D photograph of the insides of my eyeball.  It's mostly a light rust color, but I noticed a prominent green dot the doc was ignoring, so I asked him what it was.  "A freckle!"  Whaa?  He tells me lots of people have them, they're just spots of pigment.  Huh.  But the new frames are sturdy and sit better on my face so I think they'll stop sliding down my nose.  Hooray!  We went to McGreevy's and had some cider and fish and chips while we waited for the glasses to be made.  While we ate, it began to rain.  As we left, and the several blocks in between, the intensity of the rain increased.  Soaked.  (It was sticky out and I didn't feel like wearing a bra, so i had a tank top under a light rayon cardigan.  When it was hot, I was already self conscious about not having a bra on [that goes way back])  And everyplace had the A/C blasting because it was a hot, wet day.  The old Irish maker of glasses guy was very polite to me, but was clearly having to suppress a bit of mirth at my condition.  To recap; finding out about a job that would significantly improve my financial state not just to self-sufficiency, but to substantial debt repayment, BF away and I put my foot in my mouth and he'll be back today, cold rain while my debt increases the cost of an eye exam and glasses, and I had one more thing to do before I could go home and rest (and remedicate).  I had to get my meds.  The pharmacy was closed.  Fuuuuuck.  The med that works has a 12-24 hour life in my system.  I had fucked off Saturday playing CoC and missed them.  But now it will be another night.  It's still raining.  I was cold and soaked and really feeling the weight of that 20oz Magners.  And then I remembered...I didn't bring my keys because Hoyce had his.  But he had to go to CVS.  And to Boca Grande, and the beer store.  And he had left his phone in the apartment because we figured one would be enough between us.  So I sat on the hallway stairs and cried.  And when Hoyce got there, he walked up on a pile of mush swimming in sweat, rain, and tears.

So I believe I find out today about the job.  I have a new dress, new glasses, and the debut of the peacock shawl.  I painted my nails, both sets.  It was half work and half Q coming back from NY.  *blush*  I said some stupid things out of insecurity that I need to apologize for.  So I'm still a little nervous about today.  At least the waiting will be over.

**Q will not be home today.  *heartsink*