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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

I had better dreams last night.  Nothing memorable.  

Shawl construction is complete!  Whoot!  Now I need to see about weaving in tails.  Lots and lots of tails.5 hours turned out to be more like 10.   I was a paragon of determination, knitting through hand cramps.

I really hope they let me know about the job today.  I don't want to go into the weekend with this over my head.

I refuse to be up Q's ass this weekend.  He's away seeing people he hasn't seen in years and remembering a lost pack mate.  He has other things on his mind.  And I have other things on my mind.  There's a Call of Cthulu game this weekend Hoyce and I are going to go play.  And there are more knitting projects.   And my friend who is up for the summer is trying to get together a Changeling, the Dreaming game.  Last summer she ran a Changeling, the Reckoning(?).  The premise was way different.  It was that you were captured and tortured by fey and escaped and now have severe PTSD and are being hunted by your abusers.  I didn't play that one.  The Dreaming premise is that you're a mortal who happened to be born with a fey soul and you have magic powers and play pranks on each other and on humans.  Much more my speed.  As I write this, I have the thought that I would have found this entry lame when I was younger.  *shrug*  I'm allowed to change my mind.

Lemme go see about getting some pics of that shawl up...  I am still a little annoyed about the shapes being so angular.  They're supposed to be fans, not diamonds.  The only row with that curve is the bottom row.


I think this is GORGEOUS! Good job. And while the overall shape of each piece may look angular, you see a lot of scalloping within each block. And of course the pretty scalloped bottom. :-)
Thanks! :-D
I like the contrast of the delicate fan work in each motif, the angular bottoms in some, and the scalloped bottom to the shawl. Looks fantastic!
TY! It feels even better than it looks.