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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


There is no reason I can't make an effort to be friendly and positive every day.  It does good on an atomic level, so even if I don't see immediate good from my efforts, I know that a genuine smile can be akin to a butterfly wing, affecting an event avalanche.

We're having a nerd date Friday.  We're staying in to watch part of a Joseph Campbell lecture series on the history and function of myths across the world.  Joseph Campbell was one of those people who can simply and clearly explain the most esoteric of concepts.  It's kinda like watching Hoyce run game.  You can just tell how much thought went into this and how excited he is about his topics.  Hey Hoyce, you should go be a professor!

I glued the bottom of my pants this morning.  Pants, the part of shopping I've been actively avoiding.  I hate trying things on, especially pants.  Most of them will be disappointing, so I'll have to do it a lot to find 2-3 good pairs.  It's a long time in an uncomfortable place putting uncomfortable things on my body and then spending money.  For tops I'm going the handmade route.  I have finished and worn 2 and I have another on the way.  Don't feel like shopping for shirts?  Make some!  But knitted pants are pushing it.  Oh, update.  The green shirt stretches out considerably when worn all day and it has already started to pill on the bottom.  It's still cozy.  

I left clothes on the floor last night and they did not get pissed on.  Hooray for small victories!  


Aww thanks. :)

Also, if you're feeling something's missing I can always piss on your clothes on the floor for you...
Hoyce, you're AWESOME! LOL!

BTW, I thought of you the other day. Drove past the Historical Archives in Waltham. You know, if you wanted to see if they had job openings. :-) And I think a bus runs past there, though it would be a bit of a hassle it is doable. *hugs*

I became a friend/fan of the Dalai Lama on FB. Always good motivational quotes and video clips every day to keep me positive for positive's sake. *hugs*
Positivity and gratitude has a way of being contagious. One smile, or a well-timed thank you can start a chain reaction of good. :)