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led astray

January 2013

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all in good fun

This weekend was amazingly good!  Friday night was some comedy show downtown.  It had moments.  The last guy was cool, but I can't remember his name.  He did a lively bit about cat snuggles.  We were wondering how the club managed to let so many people in for free.  Then we got the drink bill.  Holy shit, Batman!  It was worse than clubbing in NY.  We had 3 drinks, one of which was a frelling ginger ale...$28!!  And now we know.

Q and I went to see sistah, druid, and boo saturday.  Boo was shy, but sweet.  We played Arkham Horror.  Whoot for co-op games!  Sistah made yummy chicken salad and berry risotto!  *drool* ( I came home and put berries on the grocery list.)  It was so relaxed and warm and accepting, all the things I want from family.  Everyone got on, and despite having a hard start to the day, even Boo was warming up by the end.  Oh, and the silent temper tantrum?  Brilliant!!  hehehe  I got gifted with sweet pickles, a baby alpaca cowl, and a new spindle!  On the way back, Q remarked that once in a while, something can make hope for the future more tangible.  Boo is now part of that candle of hope.  :-)  We left earlier than we would have liked, but we were going to meet the Star Wars crew for Vietnamese.  More good friends and good food!  

Sunday was very laid back.  I busted out my ample fiber stash and proceeded to spin while Q got us breakfast and periodicals and we sat on my bed with Tink and just did Sunday stuff until Hoyce got up, then it was Deadwood time.  I spun some more.  I got a bunch of fiber in soft, misty colors when I was playing a mist fey at LARP.  I was mixing them together to make misty stuff and spun it in game during lulls.  I have changed my tactic.  It was 2 ply bulky greyish.  Now I'm doing stripes of the different colors a la Noro in a single ply DK/worsted (my tension is far from steady).  There is soooo much.  I picked back up the Dude's sweater and got a bit more confidence about doing the color work.  I also have yarn on the way for 2 projects.  The suggeste yarn for one, while yummy, would make it a base $80 materials cost.  HAHAHA  I shopped around and got what I need for $30!  May I never have idle hands again!  hehehe  



I'm so glad you had a great time; we had a great time, too! :) As soon as you got out of the car, Boo said, "Auntie Magdayen again? More? Pleeeeeeease?"
For certain! It will be a couple weeks before we can reasonably get out there again, but we'll have time for a longer visit. And perhaps it will be my turn to cook. ;-)
Woot! We'll actually be in the city in a few weeks (Boston Pride Parade with the UUs), so we might be able to arrange a post-parade visit :)