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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


My mission is to produce knits.  Q knows boutique consignment shops and artsy flea markets in Cambridge and Somerville.  And he said he'd go with me, help me with logistics...!!  :-D

Tink is officially overweight, probably behaviorally peeing, and probably arthritic from her extra weight.  I'm supposed to switch her to canned food and get a litter box in my room.  If that doesn't solve it, I'm to go back to get her on antibiotics.  They don't do urinalysis there, which is understandable.  That walk sure gets a lot longer carrying a Tink!

Woke up around 1 with a migraine that hurt so badly I was nauseous and having cold sweats.  Staying still didn't help.  It usually can be enough to get me back to sleep for the night and hurt when I move in the morning.  I got up and took an aleve and an excedrin and paced until they worked.

Tonight Q and I are going to an amateur comic night with one of the mail room girls. Wonders never cease when I remain open to them.

Tomorrow, we're finally off to visit sistahraven and family.  *note to self: remember to bring camera and use it*  It's going to be so gorgeous over there in sistah's garden sanctuary!  My room is getting there.  Yesterday I planted some tomato seeds and some seed pods from a red maple down the street.  The seeded flowers of the bush of white bells have yielded a sprout!  I'll soon have a tiny bush with tiny white flowers!  *glee*


Woot! :)

The place you go won't do a urinalysis?!? ::boggle:: Ridiculous. They're willing to medicate (ABs) without confirming it's an infection over crystals? HUGE red flags.

WOOOT for visiting. Ms. Boo was so excited when I said you were coming up. She tries SO hard to say your name: Auntie Maggadun is as close as it gets right now, but she's getting closer!