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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

completion (knitting)

I haz a shirt!  Whoot!  This shirt came from the Fitted Knits book that looks like it's just for skinny girls.  I used the suggested yarn (whoot, Webs anniversary sale) and I love it.  It's slinky, fitted, and clingy, but in a way that  makes me proud of my curves!!  I had to modify a bit, as the yarn requirements listed in the book were not accurate.  I needed one more skein to complete a side and would have used another skein to do the finishing as described in the book.  I'm torn about my next project.  I really like my shawl and I want some in different colors, but then I watched a few episodes of Dollhouse.  The opening credits show the lovely Eliza Dushku in a pair of thigh high knit stockings and I want them!  I found a pattern for some that are even nicer (imho).  It's a Ravelry download for $5, but the magazine they're in is $7 and has at lease one more item I want to make on the cover, sothat's going to be next week's little reward for getting shit done.  But I have made 1 sock ever, and it's special, in the Tink way.  Shaping is still new and a little shaky for me.  The lace isn't a big deal, it's a symmetrical pattern.  It's the whole foot'l area that scares me.  They might have to be a future project.  I know I'll use the shawl all the time. 

The nursing info session is Next Tuesday.  lol  

I didn't get everything done that I wanted to yesterday, but I finished my shirt, cleaned a bit, and made an awesome dinner for my boys and Q.


have you ever heard of/used ceremic yarn? it's supposed to be very cooling for the summer. i don't knit but i do work with a bunch of labs doing funky stuff. :)
I looked it up and it sounds awesome. They don't seem to make it for retail anymore. One place had a big overstock of it but I didn't dig the color. But thanks! I'm always amazed at what they make yarn from. There's one now that uses steel!