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led astray

January 2013

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you may be done...

I may be done with this job, but this job is not done with me.

Damn, I do not want to go to work today.  I made some really good strides cleaning my room yesterday and now I have the Spring Cleaning bug.  I would really like to stay in, open all the windows, and clean the apartment from top to bottom.  And we're having a pick-up game of Star Wars/bbq.  I have some plums ripening in a paper bag on the counter and i'm marinating some eggplant to grill.  I forgot to get balsamic vinegar during my second trip to the grocery store yesterday, so I have to improvise.  Malt vinegar and beer with garlic, rosemary, and thyme.  I even did the whole slice it, rinse it, dry it, salt it, let the salt draw out the bitterness, dry again bit.  And I picked up some ground bison so I can have a burger without murdering my innards.  I was up late last night.  My stomach was on and off nausea all day, which I guess is my body adjusting to getting the meds out of my system and getting the yogurt in.  Then right at 11:30 (a good hour past my bedtime (i was preparing eggplant and watching BSG) I got a ringing in my left ear that went on for several minutes (i occasionally get it for a few seconds at a clip) and continued until well into sleep.  Scarn came to visit whilst I was cleaning.  He blinked and looked stunned.  hehehe  They're going to start moving this weekend.  

Must..go..to..work..  Ugh!  But it's sunny and will be in the 70's today!  I could clean with open windows!  Man, that makes me feel old.  I think I lead a double spiritual life as the Patron Saint of Impatience.  If young me heard what I'm about to say, I'd never believe it.  Part of me wants to be a housewife.  I want to cook and clean and knit all day.  It conflicts with my ill-practiced desire to bring home metaphorical meat products.

Tomorrow is May Day.  While I don't want children of my own, I see no reason not to celebrate other people's fertility!  ;-)