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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

weekend wrap up

Yesterday was Dugal's wedding.  It was very sweet and heartfelt.  Q came with me and seemed to have a good time.  It's different (from the past couple years) dating someone I'm not anxious about bringing around my other friends. He gets it.  I saw several people I don't get to see often enough.  Our small contingent left early-ish.  It was fun, and we wanted to leave while it was still fun, before crowd tolerance made things uncomfortable.  I pigged out, and then suffered for it.  I was swollen from tits to tail all night.  Unable to join the late foray to dessert land, I had some nas-tea, and was zonked out before 11.  Then today Q provided moral support while I applied for some jobs, fixed my phone bill ($33 less a month will be nice), and emailed UMass to reserve a seat at the next scheduled information session.

I feel like a bad human.  I haven't taken Tink to get checked yet.  And while it may be ok for me to try to wait something out, Tink can't communicate to me how she's doing.  I've been hoping that it would just stop after some adjustments to the amount of attention she gets and some kitty-chill, as it did before (we took her to the vet and got her checked out for inappropriate urination and they said it wasn't physical).  Hoping will get me nowhere.  Knowing is the only way.

I need to get back on top of my eating habits.  A few too many cookies and fried bits have been making their way past security.  Sensation junkie has trouble managing her portions.  lol

Now I'm tired and I have a blue canary...