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led astray

January 2013

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do what?


You blow me off like it's an Olympic event.  And every time, I believed you.  You consistently treated a young, naive me like a dog at the turn of the century.  Ten years later, when I had just about made full recovery from the damage you did to my psyche, you contact me.  "I'm sorry," you said.  And I believed you. You explained and excused and asked for forgiveness.  And I gave it.  We tried to be friends.  It was awkward and strained.  I tried to get you to come up here and see my life, to make the effort you never made.  And you didn't call, you didn't show.  My birthday the next year I reached out again.  You didn't call, you didn't show.  Then, after I finally got you to talk to me (since when you went missing, you wouldn't contact me, answer my calls, write an email back, etc.), you were going to be in town for St. Patrick's Day.  And guess what didn't happen.  And you don't feel the need to apologize for your vanishing acts.  But now you feel the need to text me at 3 in the fucking morning to apologize for flowers you didn't get me in 2001??  I get it.  I didn't contact you this time, demanding an explanation.  So you text me just to say hello and hope things are well with me.  But I didn't respond.  No text back, no call, no email, no update.  I disregard you completely and NOW you have some shit to say to me?  You're out of second chances.  I'm done with your destructive games.  Speaking to you in any way involves me in the game.  

I don't even like cut flowers, jackass.