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led astray

January 2013

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oh, day

Yesterday fell apart at the seams, but only on a physical level.  The broken washing machine is the biggest problem, and it's not all that broken, just enough to make it so I have to wear skirts for a couple days.  And really, the only problem with that is a lasting insecurity about not wanting to shave my dang legs.  I know it's a big social expectation that I do it, but I don't feel the need...until this time of year.  And the only reason I think of it in warm weather is because that's when skirts come out.  And I do give some thought to convention as it relates to my social presentation before choosing to (dis)regard it.  But something sinister in the American Spirit has decided that hair should be removed from its females, further separating them from males of the species.  Not that I think people are staring at my legs, but glances happen, and the palpable revulsion felt by the casual observer is often more than I care to accrue. I mostly refer to work, where I attempt to chameleon myself.  Further isolation is not the best way to secure further employment.  Then again, it could all just be in my head.  :-)

A hat is in progress.  It might be too much for Summer, but should be ok for Spring Evenings.  Considering doing a work shirt from Fitted Knits while Webs has their Spring sale.  I did work an extra day last week.  :-)