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led astray

January 2013

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oh yeah?

spryng has sprung

Why can't I copy/paste in LJ lately?  I was trying to share a song.  Oh well.  If you feel like it, look up Nina Simone, Feeling Good.  That's me.  :-D

Yesterday I had a lot of good to carry me through a Looking Glass Day.  Some days I wake up and check the mirror to find a pretty girl trying to do some good in the world.  Other days I find a thing staring back at me, a thing from some alternate universe that I want to hide from the sight of the world.  Yesterday, I saw the thing.  I had been having a beautiful, fun weekend, good sleep after walking so much, and was in a great mood, but the Thing From Elsewhere was in my mirror.  When I did a self-portrait, I had to do two, one on each side.  I'm pretty sure my face is not actually undergoing any changes from day to day, so it must therefore be my perception.  It isn't based on emotional state because I have seen both faces in the full complement of emotional states.  So where is the switch that operates this change?  What caused the separation in the first place?  

I have to remember to reserve enough energy to get some chores done when I'm out gallivanting.  I wore myself out having fun and then got nothing accomplished.  Find the balance, woman.