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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

The dreary cold days can stop any time now.  

This huge, monotonous, mind-numbing project at work can stop any time now.  It's even more monotonous than my regular job, and that's saying something.  In the interest of braining, yesterday I watched a movie called Antichrist.  It was very artsy and more than a little heavy.  The cinematography was magical, but there was so much symbolism packed into the last half hour that is never explained enough to mean much to the story, though the story wants to hang itself on the unlocked meanings that are never provided.  What I did enjoy was a constant power struggle between husband and wife in which there is no real victim.  I spent hours mulling this over in my head yesterday, and it relaxed some of the crossed wired the work project has stirred up.  It's a movie I would recommend to maybe 3 people I know.

Knitting update: Still working on the baby sling, so of course I have a strong urge to do some modular and/or lace knitting.  I want to try out some nupps and stars a la Nancy Bush.  I want to make shawls and *gulp* doilies.  Oh and I finished the pink thing and wore it to work.    I really want to do this pattern in some Noro Silk Garden, but doing it in Caron Simply Soft made me far less anxious to roll it up, stuff it in my bag and wear it around the office all day than the delicate alpaca lace wrap (graduation) or the $100 it would cost in materials for the Noro.


I'm fascinated by the thought of how one would make that pink thing in knitting. I can't imagine how to make knitting needles do a very crochet-looking project.
k1,*yo, k2t*->
p ->
*k2t, yo*->, k1
p ->

:-) It does end up looking very crocheted. Most lace knitting is a series of increases and decreases used to make patterned holes instead of shaping.