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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

The weekend was nice.  Sylvan, Hoyce and I drank and watched The Wire Friday night.  Saturday we worked on script ideas and played Puzzle Pirates.  Yarrr!  Tink was so happy Friday night to get 2 people to snug and get pets from, she couldn't decide where to lay down and kept walking around the bed and getting pets from both of us.  Getting sylvan-snugs was awesome!

Tink is pissed now that I won't go back to bed.

I'm having all kinds of rationalizing thoughts as to  what might make my job more palatable.  I've been running scenarios of other jobs in my head.  Yesterday it was Hospice work.  But it goes to the list of things I don't think I could do.  Blood and guts and pus are nothing to me, but I don't think I could handle cleaning up shit, piss, or vomit.  I imagine that's a lot of the job.  

Hoyce and I watched (most of) The Stand on TV last night.  Now I'm ready for it to be summer.  

In knit knews, I finished the lacy pink thing and plan to wear it to work today.  I worked on it as a reward to myself for doing all the exercise sparkpeople recommended for the week and going over my calorie intake only once, Friday night.  Then I went right back to the baby sling.  Sylvan is making an awesome looking hat.

Still looking for a new job, in particular one I can do from home.  I average 5 resumes/applications a week.  Have heard nothing back.  Trying to remind myself that the market sucks and be thankful for the job I do have.  I need to exercise my gratitude along with my muscles.

Did a bit of energy work when I went to bed (after Tink pets, of course).  And my sweet girl walked right up and laid down on my solar plexus and purred.  My girl likes energy.  When she got settled, it was like she flipped the 'On' switch and the energy went wild and did warm, happy waves and gyrations.  It was as though I could feel her excitement, contentment, and catharsis from getting mommy to finally go to bed.  Mmm, energy nuzzles.  :-)


I've been looking for a good summer job and I've noticed how many dog walking jobs there are out there - the pay starts at 15-20 and you get to be outdoors and get exercise! :) I'm going to try and get them to hire me on a seasonal basis - but they're all looking for fulltime workers, just go on craigslist :)
Ooo. That could work. Thanks. :-)
They require a car. :-/