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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

ain't as young as i used to be

This weekend was a mixed bag.  Saturday was a lot of fun with shopping and decorating penis cookies in the afternoon, then a drag show at night.  I drunk texted a few times, but nothing awful.  I managed to avoid the chocolate fondue and just ate some of the fruit provided, but 5 drinks later and I ate a whole BBQ chicken and bacon pizza from CPK.  Sunday found me cranky and under the weather, so I stayed home and didn't go to the bridal shower.  I feel bad, but I would have felt worse if I had gone and been a crank all day.

My "Fuck You" response is activated when I tell myself "no".   Whoo!  I wanted more chicken bacon pizza yesterday and copped a 'tude with Hoyce.  I got defensive, surly, and more cranky for a while.  I got through it and apologized to Hoyce when I calmed down.  There are all kinds of explanations for why I got triggered.  I was keenly aware of them while they were affecting me, but with lots of patience and support, I won that battle with my psyche.  :-)  Now I just have the daily 'get the fuck up and go to work' argument  to settle...


I have all your stuff from the shower figuring Eric or I would see you before Adrienne did. I'll get it to you sometime this week.