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led astray

January 2013

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bad dreams

Oh, anxiety dreams.  I had you because I didn't adequately deal with my panic yesterday and went to bed repressing.  See, yesterday I was up and out and on my way to work with things going just dandy.  Then I got on the green line.  Step 1: accidentally got onto a car full of class trip to ice skating.  I turned my headphones up.  Step 2: we got stuck in the tunnel.  Step 3: for an hour!  Step 4: sit down to close my eyes, have impatient children squealing and running around and stepping on me while i sat on the floor, only to discover when I got up that the floor, and now my coat, was sticky.  Step 5: oh yeah, an hour late for work.  So I had anxiety dreams of drug binges, sleeping with that RockBand asshat again (who of course disappears 2/3 of the way through the dream because he's done with me), then losing my cell phone and ipod in the drug binge rubble (or in asshat's car, who can't be reached because he's avoiding me and i don't have my cell), so my alarm didn't wake me up to go to work.  I woke up at 11:30 to find everyone else (it was a party, kinds of, mixed with a decent into a hellish place, but not typical fire and brimstone hell) had gotten up and gone to work and not bothered to get me up.

The upside of the day was that I stayed within my calorie goal and did 30 minutes of DDR for cardio.  :-)  

Today, it's going to snow like a bitch.  But it would be hard pressed to be worse than yesterday, so cheers for today!


I'd have had anxiety dreams, too. The thought of being stuck on the T is just... ugh. I was wondering if that T crash had affected your commute.

Woot for reaching goals! :)
(((hug))) Worst day in a while. But with some support, I made it to work and stayed all day. :-) Skill building!