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led astray

January 2013

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in which I <3

I <3 my crock pot!  It is quickly moving into the stratosphere of sliced bread, refrigeration, and the wheel for awesome inventions.  And I made it with pork and my innards are not disturbed.  Hooray!!  On the flip side, I'm fatter than ever, and while I'm moderately concerned with how it looks, the real problem is the clothes that don't fit and my very limited capacity to buy more.  *sigh*  Well, I've put beer on the restricted list.  High alcohol content, dark beer before bed has not been helping me maintain a reasonable size.  I also haven't been DDRing for weeks.  No good reason.  This evening I'm going to try to fix that.

Last night I went to ww79's place with Hoyce.  I'm trying to mend an interpersonal tear from years ago (pre meds) and it seems to be going well.  But now I have to add Battle Star Galactica to my friggin netflix queue (there's only 488 discs on there, what's the problem?).  If we win the lottery, I'm upgrading to 5 at a time!  And sometimes, being self aware can be funny, like when I turned to Hoyce last night, trying to get him to eat some of my nom-worthy stew.  "I'm impatient for you to praise me!"  ROFLMAO  At least I knew why I was eager for the stew to be eaten.  Ah, therapy.  You know you've done it for a while when you make jokes about the demands of your semi-conscious impulses.


I so wish we could go thrifting together, I would have SUCH a great time dressing you up :D
hehehe And I do need help shopping. It's one of those left over anxiety triggers with only moderately sound basis.
Crockpots really are an "I LOVE YOU!" gift. :)

I have a fair amount of clothes from when I was at the peak of my weight. Am happy to let you borrow them so you have clothes which fit.

Woot awareness.
That would be nice, thanks. I'll have to find a time to visit. I'm mostly looking for work clothes. :-) Thanks.
Cool. I have a pair of dress slacks, and a couple pair of dark-wash jeans which are likely to fit. :) We'd love to have you up for a visit, or we can come to you.