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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

rough day

Yesterday sucked.  Lots of peripheral bad things piled on top of lots of personal bad things and I lost control.  I got into a fight with someone I care a great deal for and said some nasty things because I was hurting.  And she was having a shitty day and said some nasty things.  It escalated  to a place where I may have lost a friend.  I am not yet prepared to apologize.  There was a lot of truth in the things we said to each other and I'm still reeling. I know I was wrong, but I also feel I was treated unjustly.  I wouldn't care if I didn't care.

But then sylvan came over.  She got me out of the house for the first time in a week and we had beer and pizza and watched Bolt (after I sobbed in her arms for a while).  Sylvan and I have had some nasty fights and recovered stronger for it.  I'm glad to have her in my life.

Anchovies.  All this week I've been craving them.  This is a first.  So I got some pizza with anchovies Thursday.  That wasn't enough.  I got another pizza with anchovies last night.  I think I hadn't been getting enough salt or something.

Bad dreams.  There was a series of nasty things I had to do for some undefined goal.  I had to choose 2 out of 3 nasty things (mostly bug related).  There was an ocean, some bad people, a storm, and in another segment I had the lead in a musical in which my main song was Eternal Flame and I lost my page but I knew the song by heart.  I think it's harsh that my mind equates necessary errands with eating maggots and other nasty things, but it does explain some of my procrastination.

Knitting update.  I started making a pretty shawl with Caron Simply Soft in dusty rose.  It's my first modular project.  It looks really intricate and difficult, but it really isn't.  Turns out following patterns is way easier when I'm not high.  Who knew?  Oh, right, everah one.  :-P


I recently saw "Bolt." I was underwhelmed with it at the beginning but was crying like a dork at the end.