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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


I hardly see one without the other anymore.  

Fail: I applied to transcription jobs.  One had a series of tests.  I realized after I hit send that I had made a glaring typing error in the first line.  And I got an email that they are not going forward with my application.  :-/

Win: I made 2 Jayne Cobb hats to sell, and one is already claimed.  :-) ($30 if anyone is interested)  The second episode of Rome is called "How Titus Pullo brought down the Republic."  I'm calling this chapter of knitting, "How Jayne Cobb helped me go to China."  hehehe

Stuff is fixed in the apartment.  Hot Russian dude is competent.  I sent landlord an email saying he did a good job.  She likes to hear positive things.  Seems we're about the only decent tenants she's had in ages, including the people above and below us now.  Poor woman.

I haven't left the house in nearly a week.  And I don't want to.  There are things I need to do (like go to work and go to the clinic about insurance and whatnot).  I'd like to phone it in.  Tink has been quite content to have mommy around so much.  After Hotya Fixitov (that's the Russian version of Hottie McFixit) left, it wasn't 2 minutes before she was out from her hiding spot and ready for pets.  I'm so proud of her.  She's using the step stool regularly now, to get both up and down from the bed.


The hat is awesome.

Is it a cold-weather hat, or a costume one?
85% wool/15% alpaca. I haven't worn it outside, but it was very warm when I put it on for the picture. :-)
Wooot, Jayne hats! :)

Glad to hear the hot Russian guy did his job well :) And wooooot for positive reinforcements with landlords!