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led astray

January 2013

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led astray


I must be being tested.  I hope it's for something good.

Plumber came this weekend to work on our shower faucet.  He said he needed a part that he couldn't get that day, so he put it back together, but made it worse.  Well, it finished breaking this morning when I went to take my shower for work.  He came on Saturday.  It's now Wednesday and he hasn't bothered to pick up the part (which he assures us is around $2.00) and come fix the dang thing.  I called the landlord and got updates on several things that need to be seen to.  Then I called the plumber and left a voicemail.  When landlord gets to a computer, she's going to give me the number of someone to come fix the doorknobs so that they shut and latch.  The gods don't want me to go downtown this week.  *Plumber called back.  He's coming at 12.  It's going to be a long day.

*update: I'm so shallow.  lol  Landlord gave me the number of a guy to come fix the doors to the boys' rooms so they latch, and a couple other things that need minor repairs.  *drool*  Bald, blue eyed, tattooed, pierced Russian dude with a thick accent showed up, not the guys she usually has over to fix things (old and unkempt Russian dudes).  And he's coming back tomorrow to do the actual work.  At least I get some eye candy out of this mess.


Quick, break something else! ;)
It's an old house. I'm sure I can find something else that will need fixing. hehehe


This. Young, hot Russian guys are made of win.