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led astray

January 2013

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led astray

hope closes in

Well, my last weekend of tealuxe (till the holiday break) is over. My boss was really cool about it, and I wish everyone could have bosses as wonderful and supportive as she has been to me, and I am really glad that i'll be able to go back there should the need arise. When I told her I was leaving, she said she understood, but that it was sad. When I started to say I wanted to come back for the semester breaks, she cut me off and said, "You do whatever you want here. You just let me know when you're available." As much as I need the time off, I will miss that place for the next few months.

The second essay of the semester is in. (I would like to thank my hunnie for showing me the way of Courier.) The third is due Thursday, so that's what I will be doing at work tomorrow. Ahh, work study, where once an hour my homework/net surfing is interrupted by actual work.

I got the excess check today, thus confirming my means of financial support for half of the year. The relief was definately worth the 15 minutes it took to get and deposit, thus putting me directly in the middle of rush hour traffic on the train. What a neat word, thus.

It was bound to happen sooner or later, and I have occasionally wondered how it would go. I have been assigned my first kissing scene. I came home and promptly informed my love, who pouted and made me promise not to like it. And this isn't just a scene, it's my midterm. So it will be a little akward. The guy seems really nice, and the teacher put us together because she thinks we are both capeable of doing really good work, so I guess it's kind of a compliment. (The way she talked to me about it after the last class made me feel better about it than I think I am adequately expressing here.)

My love has the chicken pox. Poor hunnie! But that was a relief too, because we were really worried that it might be something serious. It just didn't occur to us that it might be chicken pox. Who gets that at 27??


1. Will the guy still want to kiss you when you tell him your hunnie has chicken pox?

2. My friend Ed used to do stage kisses by passionately grabbing the woman's face.... gently, of course... thereby obscuring the parts where the mouths touch. Then of course, the mouths didn't really have to touch. If you aren't comfy with kissing some total stranger, then don't do it. Screw this "ars gratia ars" nonsense. ;)
I can't say as I have ever had any issues kissing strangers. He doesn't seem creepy and doesn't stink, so it should be ok. We even agreed on a flavor of gum today when I gave him a copy of the script.


I realize *you* don't have issues.... I should have been more clear about it in my post. Heh. Sowwy!

It just seems silly to me to kiss someone "for art" when it's potentially going to upset someone "for real." But it's your baby, and I respect that you'll handle it however you handle it. :) *hugs!*
I'm good about divorcing a character's feelings from mine, so usually as long as I've built the character well I don't have a problem with kissing scenes, even if I don't like the person when they're not in character. The same with things that I would never, never do (like a humiliation scene I had to do at summer camp one year). I would suggest rehearsing without the kiss, and certainly talking through it before you do it for the first time, if you do. There are plenty of ways to cheat stage kisses. They compensate for the fact that there is a difference between the character and the embodiment of the character (you), and their respective comfort levels.

Will you still be at nero? Mori will be arriving very late, but she'll get there(yay).
I disagree. I think rehearsing without the kiss makes it a big deal, makes it akward. I think including it makes it just another part of the scene that needs to be blocked and picked apart and talked about. I'm a little nervous about it, but more for E's sake than my own I think. The guy and I are going to talk about it tomorrow during class.

Of course I'm still going to NERO!!!
::shrug:: I know it helped a girl I did a scene with here at Smith. Like I said, I've never had the issue.

Yay! Save your imaginary friend a bunk :-)